News and Goings-on…

As many of you know, we are taking a break for a bit. Robin is undergoing heart surgery Wednesday, March 15. We ask that you send love, light, and healing thoughts and prayers for a complete and speedy recovery.

Thank You To Our Fans

We are truly grateful to have some amazing and supportive fans who have helped us in ways… big and small…. with encouraging words…. acts.. …smiles….. and also… tips…. and donations….. This generosity keeps us going…..and our songs… flowing….. Thanks to all who contribute in all ways….

"Their unique instrumentation and quality vocals were mesmerizing and I actually lost track of the time. I would book these two again in a heartbeat and recommend them to anyone that wants to host them at their home. It will live on in the memories for all your guests for years to come."

Gene Gray, House Concert Host (Nov 23, 2011)